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The lowest price on the market and high-quality technology

Why us:

  • High speed
    The average speed on all our proxies is 20 Mbps
  • Wide choice of carriers
    We have the widest choice of carriers (A1 and MTS)
  • Service is easy to get to know
    We provide a free test of up to 6 hours and an opportunity to buy a proxy for 24 hours at a low price
  • Unlimited traffic
    Our service is one of the few that provides Belarus-based mobile proxies with real unlimited GB, without cheating
  • Great price
    We do not resell other people's proxies but sell our own ones. Since there are no intermediaries in the "Proxy Farm Owner > Buyer" chain, we provide one of the lowest, if not the lowermost price on the market.
  • The possibility of changing the carrier
    If the mobile carrier of your purchased proxy no more suits you, you can change the carrier for free. (For example: the subnet has been spammed off, and the resource you are working with started banning you. Just write to tech support, and we will give you a new proxy with a different carrier)
  • Work experience
    Our service has been operating on the mobile proxy market for over two years
  • Ease of payment
    Numerous payment methods (EU/RU/BY cards, USDT (TRC20), BTC, Binance, Revolut, Payoneer, PayPal, Qiwi, YooMoney/YandexMoney)
  • Bilbo Baggins
    Proxies disconnect all the time, speed drops, and it takes support service hours or even days to respond? That’s not about us! We are about professionalism.

    We have been engaged in mobile proxies for 3+ years, and our service has grown from a couple of proxies to several hundred over this time. We are not going to stop. 😏

    Just like a chef selects delicious ingredients for the dish, our team selected equipment, software, and partner services to build a truly cool product! Our company offers only its own proxies located in Belarus and created in compliance with all quality standards, which we have been improving in practice for a long time. We managed to achieve a high technical level of service through learning from our own mistakes. Since there are no intermediaries in the “Owner > Buyer” chain, we can provide proxies at an affordable and attractive price.

    It is very important for us to get positive feedback and high ratings of our work. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality support to our clients at every stage of cooperation. We realize that customer-oriented service is as important as the technical features of the proxy. Our company guarantees prompt responses, communication standards, assistance, and care to every client. 🙂

    We are chosen and appreciated for high quality, professionalism, and excellent prices. You are welcome to contact us — we’ll do what we can to make sure that you are satisfied with our service.

The average test speed is 20 Mbps, regardless of the carrier.
Sometimes it reaches 50 Mbps.
Excellent speed
We provide a free test possibility so you can check whether our proxies suit your needs

Choose a mobile carrier:

Free test
0 $
/ 6 h
15 to 29 days
1.1 $
/ 24 h
30 days or more
0.93 $
/ 24 h
Free test
0 $
/ 6 h
15 to 29 days
1.1 $
/ 24 h
30 days or more
0.93 $
/ 24 h
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